10 May 2020

Syndicate Best Bets

Hi folks,

I hope this finds you healthy and well.

Whilst there are far bigger issues at stake just now than racing, from a purely selfish point of view it does look like GB racing will be back quite soon - probably around the end of May or thereabouts. 

In the race to be ready, we at ENIGMA are blessed with a headstart, because apart from the racing forum, ENIGMA is also heavily involved with racehorse share ownership.

We currently manage a stake in over 50 horses, so we have huge number of 2yo and 3yo horses waiting in the wings to provide the odd decent bet to get us going. 

We monitor the gallop reports daily and the news is coming thick and fast.

Best bets
We flag the best syndicate bets to ENIGMA members through a convenient forum thread.

Members can subscribe to the thread with a single mouse-click, and receive an automatic email whenever there's a new post. These are 'Member only' bets, so they don't normally appear on this blog.

There's a screen shot below of the most recent bet, flagged just before lockdown.

Syndicate 'best bets' are just one of the many benefits of ENIGMA. Membership is amazing value, especially when you consider the annual subs are easily covered by a single successful bet. 

For example, £10 EW on Magical Wish below would have covered your subs for a whole year, and half the next year too.

To make this enforced break feel productive, I have used the time to improve the ENIGMA website.

Whether you are interested in the betting side, the racehorse shares (or both), you will find the new layout full of new useful information and I invite you to see for yourself. 

If you have a passion for racing and a cheerful, positive outlook, I can pretty much guarantee that you will absolutely love ENIGMA. 

In fact, you belong there. Away from the crowd. 

Browse the new site, take the tour - better still join in and get us batting for you this summer. 

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The final syndicate best bet before lockdown March 2020 (it was a belter)