18 Dec 2016

Horse Racing naps to beat the bookies

Hello! And welcome.

My name is Herbie and I've been betting professionally in better quality races and major meetings, with some success, for well over a decade.

Pro Tips is my racing blog which shares a little of what I've backed and why.

I am also a member of the Enigma Racing forum, an exclusive resource for horse racing enthusiasts and the choice of the respected backer.

It will also advantage you to know that I author the profitable Key Racing Gold thread on the ENIGMA Forum.

My selections feature unique research and original angles, hunting for prices that will spice up your betting.

This blog is a small sample of the information ENIGMA members enjoy.

I'll be working hard to land you some winners. But, most importantly, as I back these bets myself I'll only share bets I genuinely like.

So you know when there's a new bet, simply GET THE PRO TIPS BET ALERT

Note: In line with my betting, Pro Tips is most active 14th Feb to 30th Oct, each year

The Enigma Racing Forum gets 5-star reviews on Google

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