18 Dec 2016

Horse racing naps & information to beat the bookies

Hello! And welcome to Pro Tips.

Betting is a challenge, and if anything the game is getting harder.

In the quest for profit, the truth is the Racing Post isn't going to get you very far. To have an edge, you can't bet the same things as everyone else, the odds simply won't be good enough.

That's why for most people betting feels like trying to take on Rocky with one arm tied behind your back. A slow, painful death!

What you really need are original ideas.

And that's where Pro Tips can help. Through this blog I will put you in the mindset of a professional gambler, revealing not only a little of what I back, but why.

Things you can use again and again.

The Pro Tips email is sent when there's a new selection, usually on Saturdays - but I'll also post the occasional bonus selection during major meetings.

The blog is a showcase for a horse racing forum I run called ENIGMA - a specialist forum, created for proper racing enthusiasts. Pro Tips is just a very small sample.

So why not take advantage? I'll be working hard to guide you to some winners, and for serious backers I am quite sure ENIGMA will offer a great deal more besides.

Have fun!

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