18 Dec 2016

Horse racing naps & information to beat the bookies

Hello! And welcome to Pro Tips.

In the quest for profit, the truth is the Racing Post isn't going to get you very far. To have an edge, you can't bet the same things as everyone else.

That's why for most people, betting on horses feels like taking on Rocky with one arm behind your back. A slow, painful death!

To succeed, what you need are good bets and original ideas, and that's where Pro Tips can help: always hunting for good prices and angles 'against the crowd'.

The blog is written by our pro-punting team, explaining a little of what we've backed, and why.

We send an email when we have something of interest for you - often on Saturdays or during major meetings.

Picking up selections is completely free.

Pro Tips is a showcase for ENIGMA - our specialist horse racing forum, used by some very knowledgeable people. The blog is just a small sample.

Get the Pro Tips email for an alert when there is a new selection:

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